The BEST Breakfast For Weight Loss

Are you unsure what to eat for breakfast when you want to lose weight? People often ask us what’s best and so I thought I would let a new study just presented at the medical conference ENDO help make your decision for you.

In the study, which was presented at ENDO 2016 (the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society, in Boston, MA), researchers assigned 3 different reduced-calorie diets to about 50 overweight, middle-aged men and women. Participants ate a large breakfast (660 calories), medium-sized lunch (570 calories), and a small dinner (280 calories).

All the diets had the same number of calories – about 1,500 calories per day.

The only thing that was different was the composition of breakfast.

Group #1 ate a high-protein breakfast as a whey powder protein shake.

Group #2 ate a high-protein breakfast with the same amount of protein but from other types of protein (such as eggs, soy, or tuna).

How To BUST Through A Weight Loss Plateau

Weight loss plateaus occur for a variety of reasons, all of which can be explained by understanding how your body actually works during the weight loss process. Learn several proven tips and strategies you can implement to bust through your weight loss plateau.

“After losing 80 pounds in 9 months, I haven’t lost a single pound over the last 5 weeks. What should I do?!” asked Barb, one of our newer clients at Genesis Personal Fitness.

After enjoying so much success in such a short time, Barb was understandably feeling a bit frustrated by her seemingly sudden lack of any results.

Sadly, this isn’t uncommon. In fact, it ultimately affects nearly everyone who works diligently to lose weight, whether 10, 50, or 100 pounds! Fortunately, there are common reasons, and solutions, when it comes to overcoming any weight-loss plateau.

How To Eliminate Those Stubborn Love Handles And Muffin Top

Love handles and lower abdominal fat (known as a “muffin top”) is symptomatic of a condition called insulin insensitivity or your metabolism’s inability to effectively deal with the carbohydrates you eat. You need a specific strategy to overcome this metabolism malfunction that includes the combination of specific diet, exercise, and supplements. Here’s how.

Waist Fat and Insulin Resistance

Most men and women can reduce their body fat by double digits when they participate in our Weight Loss & Lifestyle Nutrition Program.

But eventually, they reach a point when their weight loss gets stuck  It’s after that where things can get problematic.

Things get “sticky”. Fat gets all sentimental and doesn’t want to leave home.

It might be coaxed into leaving some areas but it often clings to others, and more often than not the area with which it forms a special attachment is your waist.

Do This Every Day To Lose Almost A Pound A Week

People are always asking for shortcuts on how to lose weight, particularly ones that don’t take much effort.  Essentially, they are looking for weight loss “hacks” that they can do that will help them get a handle on the weight they know they should lose.

Well after coaching people in weight loss for over 3 decades, I can honestly tell you that if you adopt this one habit or “hack”, then you can permanently tip the weight balance in your favor, no matter which diet (or “way of eating”) you end up following.

“If it gets measured, it gets managed.”

One of the easiest yet most productive weight loss hacks I have coached people on is this: Weigh yourself every day.

What?  That’s it?  Yup… that’s it!  No kidding… just get on your scale every day first thing in the morning right after you wake up, write down what you see, and without any effort, watch your weight drop almost a pound a week!

How Exercise Detoxifies Your Body and Helps
It Repair Itself

Detoxification is a new buzz word when it comes to weight loss and health.  It most often refers to some special diet to follow or selective supplements to take, all with the idea of “cleaning out” your body from toxins and thus improving your health and longevity.

The actual detoxification process by which your body cleans out various debris and toxins, as well as eliminates damaged cell parts from becoming cancerous, is called ‘autophagy’ and when your body is optimized for it, you lower inflammation, slow down the aging process, and optimize biological function.  Think of it as a way to make us more efficient machines so we can get rid of faulty parts, stop cancerous growths, and repair metabolic dysfunction like obesity and diabetes.

How Weight Training Can Help Control Belly Fat in Both Men & Women

measure waistMost people believe that if you want a flatter stomach, you need to log some serious hours on the treadmill or do hundreds of crunches to burn off the extra fat. New cutting-edge research indicates that you may want to consider weight training instead.

This new research from the Harvard School of Public Health revealed men and women who engaged in weight training for 30 minutes a session just 2-3 days a week had less age-related abdominal fat gain than men and women who engaged in cardio/aerobic activities.

Those who engaged in cardio/aerobic exercise did lose some weight, however, those that performed a combination of both cardio/aerobic activity and weight training demonstrated that it may be best for fat loss while maintaining and restoring lost muscle.

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