How Weight Training Can Help Control Belly Fat in Both Men & Women

measure waistMost people believe that if you want a flatter stomach, you need to log some serious hours on the treadmill or do hundreds of crunches to burn off the extra fat. New cutting-edge research indicates that you may want to consider weight training instead.

This new research from the Harvard School of Public Health revealed men and women who engaged in weight training for 30 minutes a session just 2-3 days a week had less age-related abdominal fat gain than men and women who engaged in cardio/aerobic activities.

Those who engaged in cardio/aerobic exercise did lose some weight, however, those that performed a combination of both cardio/aerobic activity and weight training demonstrated that it may be best for fat loss while maintaining and restoring lost muscle.

5 Benefits To Working Out In The Very Early Morning

exercise in the morningNot an early morning exerciser? Too bad… because here are 5 reasons why those who work out in the very early morning have a big advantage and reach their goals, whatever they may be, faster.

Let’s face it… some people aren’t early morning anythings, let alone morning exercisers. Whether you think your body would revolt at even the thought of working out in the very early hours of the morning or because this little thing called “life” wouldn’t permit you to take an hour for yourself, the unfortunate fact is that the time most people choose to exercise usually corresponds with the time we have available… on a good day.

But perhaps I can give you 5 compelling reasons you might consider waking up a little earlier to come to Genesis rather than save it for later in your day. Withhold judgment about how you’re not a morning person until you fully absorb all the advantages of morning training with us.

Genesis Personal Fitness Showcased In The Movie The Payback

Genesis Personal Fitness is gaining a lot of notoriety lately since the movie The Payback made its debut on October 4th.

Stanley Jacobs, the movie’s Director and Producer, selected Genesis Personal Fitness because of its clean and boutique-like atmosphere.  He said Genesis Personal Fitness was the perfect venue to shoot an all-important scene in which his main character Jake makes a turning point in his life in the movie.  Stanley Jacobs, of SDJ Productions, said he’s pleased how the scene turned out and further remarked that he doesn’t think he would have gotten as good a result in any other gym or health club in the area.

Below is the short 6-minute excerpt from the movie The Payback in which Genesis Personal Fitness is showcased as the scene was shot at our location in Newtown, PA.  Note that the movie’s Introduction has some beautiful scenes of Newtown, PA that I’m sure you’ll recognize.  Also, look carefully at the credits in the end and see if you recognize any names of local actors and actresses.

Say Hello To Our New Nautilus Rotary Torso Machine

nautilusrotarytorsoJust in case you haven’t noticed, we added a new strength training machine to our Circuit #2 called the Nautilus Rotary Torso Machine.

Together with the Nautilus Abdominal Machine and the Nautilus Low Back Machine in Circuit #1, the Nautilus Rotary Torso Machine completes strengthening and conditioning of the entire “core area” of your body by providing direct work to the muscle groups associated with trunk rotation.

Specifically, it offers an amazing workout for the external and internal oblique muscles (where those saggy love handles are located) with a patented upper body stabilization design.rotarytorsomuscles

If you are a golfer or tennis player, you’ll love the power and control if will bring you in your game.

And if you have been plagued with chronic low back problems, you will find it a welcomed addition to help you prevent further spinal column joint, disc, and muscle problems, giving balance to the abdominal/low back complex and improving posture.

Genesis Personal Fitness Makes Movie Debut

Several months ago, Genesis Personal Fitness was approached by Stanley Jacobs, Film Producer/Writer/Director of SDJ Productions to be the set for a scene in his new upcoming film The Payback.  A few weeks ago on April 12th, Mr. Jacobs came to Genesis with his film crew and actors and shot the pivotal scene he needed in just about 3 hours.

Mr. Jacobs felt that Genesis Personal Fitness was the perfect place to shoot the scene as opposed to other health clubs and gyms in the area because as he said, “Genesis displays a more upscale exercise training environment that is conducive to personalized attention.  It’s exactly what I need to capture the essence of the story line.”


The Payback is a murder mystery… a film of revenge.  It’s the story of an ex-cop with a dark past who has started a new life for himself but is coerced by a ruthless gangster to re-enter the sinister world he has so desperately attempted to escape, only to be sent on one more mission resulting in… The Payback.

Measuring Progress Without Stepping On The Scale

women legs with overweight standing on bathroom scalesFrustrated… Disappointed… Hopelessness… Skeptical?  Whichever you choose, these emotions can be BIG enemies of people trying to lose weight—especially when you feel like you have done everything right. For many trying to shed pounds, the elation from that initial weight loss is brought to a screeching halt when the scale stops moving. But instead of viewing this as a setback, you need to look for other ways to measure your progress besides the scale.

At its most basic level, the whole idea of losing weight involves a relatively simple calorie equation: use more calories with daily activity than you consume through food. So what happens when these numbers indicate progress, but the scale doesn’t? Before the aggravation sets in, consider why this might be the case. If you’ve been participating in both cardiovascular and strengthening exercises at Genesis Personal Fitness, then chances are good that you have shed some fat. But the scale might not indicate this because you have also been re-building lean muscle. Since muscle is dense and weighs three times more than the same volume of fat, the scale might not reflect your hard work, at least initially within the first few months.

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