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5 Rules To Beat Your Monster Cravings

Losing weight is hard, nobody ever said it wasn’t.  You get hungry when you diet and you get hungry when you work out, and you get incredibly hungry when you do both.

It is easy to justify eating anything when you feel like you are starving, you worked out and you have been eating healthy so you think it’s OK to grab that bag of chips or cookies and a soda… It’s not.  Giving in to all of those cravings will not only keep you from making progress but they will set you back after all the hard work you have been putting in.  We pt together five rules to help keep you one step ahead of your appetite.

Where Do Americans Get Their Calories? (Infographic)

Over the last 20 years obesity rates have grown dramatically in the U.S.  The amount of calories we need hasn’t changed nearly as much as our average waistline, so what happened?  Click on the image below to interact with the infographic and find out how the sources of our calories have changed over the years.  Pay close attention to grains and fats as they have seen the biggest increase in consumption.  This goes to show that you do need your calories to keep your body going but you need the right calories to stay healthy.




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Three Magic Words (Eat More Protein)

In just three words, I’ll show you how to burn more fat, keep (and add) muscle, and put an end to any overeating tendencies you might have.

When in doubt… Eat more protein.

Protein gives you the feeling that you’re full, more so than carbs or fat. Protein boosts your sensitivity to a hormone called leptin. This hormone tells your brain that you’re full. As a result, you feel satisfied. Overeating stops.Protein is also important for both losing weight and keeping/gaining muscle. In our experience, clients who eat the “right amount” of protein based on BOTH their body composition and their activity level (lifestyle + exercise) lose up to 50% more body fat than those clients who follow a standard diet or don’t watch their diet at all.

9 Ways To Lose Weight While You Eat

If you’ve ever taken a moment to watch how other people eat, you may be surprised at what you see.

friends eating

I have found that most people don’t eat… they shovel their food in and are often totally unaware of what they’re doing or lack the skills to enjoy the eating experience. This leads to bulk overeating, improper digestion, and unnecessary weight gain.

Here are 9 tips for improving your “eating etiquette” that will even help you lose weight:

1. Stop rushing to eat. Set aside more time for eating, for shopping and preparation. Stop rushing to fast food places because it’s convenient.  Instead, make time, and take things a bit slower.

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